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The fragility of LIFE...

The thinnest thread has strength to bear

Add more weight only if you dare.

The strength of a heartbeat is powerful they say

But in an instant it may stop; it’s but one heartbeat away.

A miracle organ, the strength of which all the rest do mesh

Pumping vital fluid through a container of flesh.

Man is powerful, earthly ruler of all

Yet his strength is minute when God makes HIS Call.

Don’t fear this weakness, just be ready some day

To loose your earthly shadow along your spiritual way.

A symphony of heartbeats, our work is not done

Not orchestrated by man alone but guided by the Holy one.

Should we not rejoice in our earthly endeavor

Knowing that thru the gift of eternal life, that we will live forever?

A life line of Hope for those with an unborn inside

Gifting our Earth with Children of Light & Love, and nothing to hide.

Before we leave lets bring JOY to all those on our path; here is why:

That final heartbeat may come before we can have that last kiss or wave goodbye.

Wishing All Peace & Love with a JOY filled LIFE…

Hippie Bob

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