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Philosophy of Strife

Dedicated in memory of Ray Kroc; Founder of McDonald’s Corporation. Many people including me were touched and many shared in the bountiful opportunities offered through his vision and inspiration…Hippie Bob

The Philosophy of Strife

With days gone by it’s easy to see,

the future holds promise but where will you be?

Cherishing great successes may not be a fault,

unless it disarms you and your efforts halt.

A victory so sweet can err your judgment and be savored for life;

for Life is a challenge in favor of continued strife.

Fear not those days spotted with loses or failure;

Success is not prescribed for daily exposure.

To measure the difference, one must sample defeat;

the knowledge procured reverses retreat.

The building of character is in the big plan;

The foundation was laid in the creation of man.

The spirit within you has no desire to give up or die;

Thank God for this Blessing, and give it a try.

Look back on the yesterday’s only to build the tomorrows;

For to do so you will limit & even stifle your sorrows.

The loss of hope with inflated despair;

Brings one to refuge, for no one is there.

The tribute to man is not just that we care;

But rather to strengthen, build and repair.

American the beautiful, land of the free;

She leaves it up to you what you will be.

Opportunities abound, just open the door;

Welcome to the world of the entrepreneur! The Beginning…

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