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Hippie Bob & Diana's Chocolate Factory 

Once upon a time I was known as Bobby and now as Hippie Bob; as an AUTHOR and PHILOSOPHER the Pen is the tool of my new trade. (Enjoy my HIPPIE TRIBE BLOG)


The top few I admire most include Ray Kroc; founder of McDonald’s and Walt Disney; founder of the IMAGINEER; a title I continued to strive for. My education included a B.A. degree in psychology at an institute of “Higher Yearning” with a business education at Hamburger University (yes, it is Real) where I learned enough to seek our own business after a successful run with McDonalds.

Without any knowledge of the chocolate business, Diana & I ventured into the CHOCOLATE WORLD Knowing THAT “WE COULD” (like the little train story). Besides, I had a “secret weapon” which is what I counted on the most. Diana.

The rest is our story : RIVERSIDE CHOCOLATE FACTORY… 



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