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The Witches of Lincoln Park Zoo; Chicago

A Hippie Bob Tale

Sure I had to beg, but soon I knew

Mom would take me to Witch Fest at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Leaving the car, walking towards the entrance there was “Scare in the Air” Looking back, mom had disappeared and no one was there! Chicago with no people, how could that be?

A full moon, seeing shadows at night and all around little me!

Suddenly—now a witch stands before me, my head to her chin

“I’m here for the Witch Fest; would you please let me in?” Unsightly she was—green blood lined eyes, crooked nose and a big grin. “Sure my little kiddie, but you must stay on mysterious lane.

Take this magic ring and wear it only if you are feeling pain.

And remember these magic words if you need me: Witch one, Witch two, Witch three!

Poof! She was gone except for a pointing crooked green finger hung in the air!

The path not yellow like Oz—it was green with bugger slime, but I did not care.

All I could hear were screaming sounds, saw no people—just shadows were there.

Following mysterious lane I came upon the first tent. Hidden by the canvas I peaked—it looked like a political event. The man at the podium had a four letter cap—RHAM

The room was filled with laughter and applause, but no one did I see.

Then a witch raised her hand—“Mr. Mayor, over here!”

He looked and said; “madam witch—aren’t you a scary sight!” And poof! The Mayor is gone and the witch proclaimed—good night!

Tent number two was quite a surprise.

Seeing Michael one on one surely opened my eyes!

The witch was winning, Michael under her spell.

I yelled to Mike—“she’s a cheating witch”, but he said—“oh well!”

Back on the green & slimy mysterious lane to tent number three.

With just a big ‘O’ on the sign—who could that be?

Oprah! With a beautiful smile and twinkling eyes, the talk of our city.

The place was packed but I saw no one—what a pity.

Gifts for everyone—one witch tried to take two!

“Hey witch! Oprah scolded—scary is as scary does, I am not through with you!”

Well I traveled to the end of mysterious lane and one more tent to see.

This one was marked “Bear Fest” with a big orange ‘B’. Now, what kid in Chicago wouldn’t be filled with pride Peaking into a tent with Cutler and the Bears inside? Witch one! Witch two! Witch three!

She appeared uglier and scary as ever—“Hey kid you call me?” “Madam Witch—can I give the “ring of pain”

So that Brian can get back into the game?” “The ring will not work on another finger! Go home now kid and do not linger!

Home? Which way do I go?

And the crooked green finger pointed to a hole in the ground.

A sign read: Just jump in and hope you are found! Witches and shadows are scary enough but what can I do?

I jumped in—very dark and plunging fast I almost passed out!

Witch one, Witch two, Witch three—I had to shout!

Then I saw her—“Mom is that you?

Witches, shadows, the Mayor, Michael, Oprah and Cutler too!” Son, you had a scary dream

And things are not as they seem…

“Mom, why is your finger crooked and green?” “Be still my little kiddie or you’ll never be seen!”


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