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How to Pack for a World Cruise or a long Journey...

First, start out with a large suitcase and stuff it with as much as you can and ship it to your destination. Our Cruise ship, the Viking Sun provided the shipment to the ship for free!

Our Home; The Viking Sun...

Next choose a medium size suitcase that will fit inside the BIG ONE. This suitcase is the one you will take on the journey as a checked bag:

Now for your "carry on"; be sure that it fits inside of the medium suitcase:

Finally, add a Back Pack for you travel on the plane goodies, and be sure that it fit's inside your carry on:

Finally for the GOOD NEWS! When you arrive to your ship or destination; you now can consolidate ALL these bags into the "BIG ONE" so you are not taking up the precious space in your Stateroom or Hotel room. Diana & I wish for you "HAPPY TRAILS"; and don't forget to offer all those beautiful smiles along the way...Hippie Bob

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