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Hippie Bob talks about Puberty...

📷 Blessings to you, my brothers & sisters...

Changing comes to children, all girls & boys Just about the time we stop playing with our toys. My voice now lower is loosing the child-like sound and I am getting taller, my head is farther from the ground. Hair starts growing in places it has never been What's going on here? I like my fine smooth skin! If you think that is all, I am telling you not There is movement down below, in my private spot. Sometimes it gets bigger and I haven't a clue Mom says "this is a chat Dad has to do"! As if this was not enough, girls are now nice to me Clearly what is happening, I am starting to see. Girls & boys change to men & women and that is how it is supposed to be! But for now I am going to enjoy the time I have left as a kid These little secrets of change I will keep closely hid. I mean no offense and not to annoy In case you are wondering my sex...I am a growing boy. For those of you not yet on the "Hippie Bus"; get your free ticket at

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