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Hippie Bob & Diana's World Cruise 2019: The Strait of Magellan...

The difference between the very bold (hero) and those untold (most of us) is a willingness to go beyond what is normal and into the magical realm of focused lunacy. Such was the first World Journey by Magellan and his crew of 42 hearty & brave souls, of which 18 survived to tell the story. Diana & I had the honor of boarding the replica of the original vessel that sailed into what is now known as the Strait of Magellan. Ferdinand's discovery of the straight gave him eternal notoriety although he had to be a bit of a nutcase to willingly be caught between a shit storm and a wall; navigating 40-50 foot seas in a rocky passageway. Diana & I will be forever in awe of this historical figure and are very happy to be navigating the Strait of Magellan with the very professional staff of the Viking Sun headed by Captain Lars. Floating on this beautiful ship with 900-ish very happy & blessed people. Sending our LOVE to all...

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I am an explorer too, but an armchair one, not courageous, not brave, not adventurous like Diana and Bob. In the comfort of solitude, with a blanket on my lap, I sometimes find interesting people who are discoverers not only of places but the territory of wisdom. This exists here, at this website. The energy is apparent, the thoughts of Bob insightful and wise. This is not a generality. It is based on my reading of what he has written, for example the poignant observation about the transient nature of home, a metaphor for the transient nature of life, a call for all of us to appreciate the moment and by that find joy.

Thank you Bob for allowing me…

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