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A Spirit Whispers...

a Hippie Bob Tale

I made it to 80

I had to go to the bathroom, sometime a deadly effort for the elderly. The five yard distance from the bed to the toilet was a poky-slow record.

I felt weak upon taking the seat, feel head first to the hard floor, the pain was brief and the dark room I entered became full of light; blinding but soothing. Everyone was there welcoming me home. Recognizing the faces that greeted me, I knew I was dead.

I was born on October 23, 1923 died on November 29, 2003. Now dead; I thought I would get the sad part of this story out early on as no one reads a book and starts crying in the first few sentences. I have spared you from emotion and the loss of body fluid critical for human survival; water. Tears are water, salty to the taste if I remember correctly. Not that I spent much time crying because a stoic person should conceal this true emotion in favor of the lasting detrimental health affects presented by holding your water, I mean tears.

A Spirit Whispers…

“If I were alive today I would choose to cry”

You will note that under the heading of “a spirit whispers” you will find a comment or an idea that I wish to communicate with an emphasis. I am hopeful that your ears are receptive to these ideas. I don’t believe in coinky-dinks, so you are reading this book because we were meant to

meet and share ideas; and yes I plan on listening to whatever you have to say or think, as I am now capable of receiving communication either way. Death has its benefits, you know! By now, two paragraphs into the story you probably want to know my name. Spirits have names difficult to pronounce and remember, so call me George the name given me at birth. Just between you and me, spirits are not gender specific but my last earthly presence was as a male and so do to the Venice/Mars thing it is important to know as the perspectives can be quite different. Ah, the battles that go on trying to convince each other that our voice is the one that matters; foolish as this is, the human ego allows for this folly. Sensitivity is an ego issue.

A Spirit Whispers…

“Unless you personally subscribe to it and opinion is a thought that belongs to someone else.

Leave it there.”

Given my current condition, time is irrelevant so there is no chronological sequence to this story. Except for touching on some historical events the primary focus for the book will be current events. The fact that I started out dead should provide a little room for creativity! So back to 80 we go. It was a great feeling to reach 80 years of age and for a reason you probably would not think of. My eldest son Rob surprised me on my seventieth birthday with a visit. Upon asking him why he was here, his reply was “I don’t think you will make it to eighty”. I would never allow one of my children to suffer a consequence of guilt that may stain his remaining days. As an added benefit his challenge provided me many more good years with my family. Of course it was fodder for jokes for the decade that followed.

A Spirit Whispers…

“Your children are the treasure, who else looks to you in a worshiping way? The children are

born to you so that love can be fully understood. Review your photo albums, that you may

clearly see this treasure.”

One of the hardest topics I have to share with you is how I choose to die, and I apologize to you in advance of the confession if it upsets you in any way. Elderly and sickness are as close as peanut butter and jelly in a euphemism kind of way. Years of smoking have damaged my lungs to such an extent that I cannot breathe properly. Oxygen is needed to sustain life, so mine came thru a plastic tube connected to my nose. Tethered to a tank is not exactly how I pictured myself in this final phase of life. Sometimes I wondered whether I was sucking air from the tank or was the tank sucking the life out of me? You also need to know that I miss my pipe. Still do… This is important to know, that addictions can follow you beyond the physical. If this scares you even just a little, overcome your addictions---those that you don’t wish to keep you company on a spiritual level!

My chosen mode of death: Going upstairs to my bed one last time telling my daughter Denise who was living with me at the time that I was done. I did not consider this to be a suicide as I used nothing to promote death except for abstinence. If that word conjured up a smile on your face, I didn’t mean in a sexual way! We can talk about sex later on if you want to, just let me know. I gave up food. Allowing only water and my breathing tube I figured a few weeks and poof! The spirit leaves the old bones behind. Stubbornness helps, although this was not easy as my children were not exactly in favor of my plan. This George has Scottish blood yielding both frugality and stubbornness. Poor and not easy to get along with are two qualities that always displease the ladies. Lucky for me I was good looking, which by the way is meaningless in the grander scheme of things.

A Spirit Whispers…

“Beauty does not lie in the physical presence but in the spirit, for those that are beautiful in

spirit have no physical barriers to worry about. They have arrived and are already at peace

knowing only love for oneself and those touched by their presence. I see the beauty within

you…If I were a mirror and you looked at me; not only would I provide a reflection—I would

beg you to stay

While I withered away in that bed I had plenty of thoughts, some of which I can claim as exclusively mine in a selfish way, and others that may be of some help to you. This book will not be formatted into chapters but by sub-title headings as I did earlier. Now that we know each other by name and by spirit, I feel comfortable with just picking a subject and chatting with you about it. If you fall asleep reading this book, I will either see you in the dream or wait for you to awake and continue your journey. Also, don’t try to “fake liking this book”. Pupils tell the story, and the eyes have it…

Who’s in charge of the children?

Please do not say the village or government. I will get sick and ghostly vomit is not what I would describe as pleasurable. A child is a spirit and for a variety of reasons is yours to nourish and to accompany you along your life journey. Contrast that scenario with a government entity whose objectives include parting you from your money, privacy and freedom. I know, for some that is heresy, but I welcome your attempt to prove me wrong. The next time you travel by air and you witness government employees patting down grandma ask yourself if these are the people

that should raise your children. Oh! Least I forget that main excuse for such human intrusion---terrorism. That is a scary word meaning that

there are some people among us that mean us harm. Certainly not a new concept and I would venture to say this has been a problem since the dawn of mankind, or before if you believe in evolution. Personally, I don’t believe a monkey could be so irrational.

Fear is the best tool all governments have to control their citizens, whether it is terror based or some pandemic like the swine or bird flu. Thanks to the fear media, people now get the sniffles and think they are dying. Controlling movement of the masses is a government specialty.

Governments excel at taking the “Human out of being”. Before you start thinking that old George is a commie, I saw firsthand what governments are capable of---World War Two. Patriotism is love of country and not love of government. I also suggest you take a peek at The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx around 1848. Without getting into detail, the U.S. government has incorporated much of this doctrine that helps us all to be less free. The people of Germany loved their country during the war regardless of the less than rational Hitler who also wanted to take charge of their children at the time. You know all the blonde hair and

blue eyed ones…

A Spirit Whispers…

“Two things are infinite: The universe and human stupidity; and I am not sure about the

universe.” ---Albert Einstein---

Another issue I would like to discuss in raising children is abuse. Anyone who has an urge to hit, punch or kick anything needs to join a health club. Humans are not meant to be battered. Spirits occupy these little bodies called children and they know precisely all that happens to them. So if someone is involved with child torture they will be exposed. Besides, all children grow and before you know it BOOM! Turnabout is fair play…The two methods of revenge that I am aware of are first the child grows bigger and stronger while the offending human ages and weakens. Now the power formula is reversed and the deviant is punished. The second way is spiritual for death becomes us all, and time will release your spirit from the physical body. Once the spirit deals with the spirit of this offender an even more powerful force takes over…abundant love

with complete forgiveness. Surely this would be enough to send the perpetrating spirit into an eternal guilt trip. This reminds me of a current event in Chicago. I apologize for digressing but as I said before, being dead has its privileges. This burly Chicago cop popping the scales at around 250 pounds beat up on a lovely little bar maid half his weight at about 125 pounds. Fortunately he was

ossified or dumb enough to not know about the security cameras and the fight was televised. Not being human enough to care about what is fair… go to jail. Sadly though he received no jail time, so he remains free to beat up another unexpecting little person. Was this judicial compassion or idiocy? You decide…

You know the old saying “all is fair in love and war”. Simply put, if you are going to fight, slaughter, murder and generally abuse other human beings let the government tell you to do it, that’s what wars and other government sponsored incursions are for. I was drafted…

World War II…

Imagine billions of people running around aimlessly without rules or control without some type of containment system. So you draw a few lines called borders and those lucky or not to be within become the people of some country. Hostilities come into play when a government wants what lies beyond the borders. Self defense of course is when governments protect what is already theirs or previously stolen. No person or country has the right to question the deserving existence of another country or person. Who are these people anyway? If you insist, I will tell you. They are the spiritually uninformed, those without love in their hearts, flesh without souls. Let’s call them flesh ghouls, monsters of humanity. Need I name a few? I think not, as they are all revealed in your media everyday testing missiles, taunting world leaders who strive for peace. Why respond in kind to these flesh ghouls, masters of illusions. I suggest we get people from all nations to send them a “condolence card”, millions of them written in all the languages on this earth. Bid them farewell… This can be termed your Program of Mass Instruction.

A Spirit Whispers…

“Be gone intruder, your demonstrated idiocy is no longer welcome here on earth. Eden is

now occupied by humanity knowing only love for each other with no religious or government


Just what does this have to do with WWII? Hitler was a flesh ghoul. I had to go into battle fighting with my brothers and sisters because others subscribed to the hate sponsored rhetoric of one person. Do you still think one person cannot make a difference? History has given us many so

called leaders who are nothing more than a living presence creating hell for others; devils among us. Having visions of those that were dead before me and having my good friend die on my shoulders sealed my physical lips for years. I drove a tank in this war and the gunner above me was my friend. Lunacy at high levels is a dangerous thing; you better start sending out those letters! Those faceless governments that cause death among their citizens who believe in “the cause” or not, should be personalized with the type of photos found on wanted posters. Current events have revealed a few of these enemies of humanity; sealed lips and tolerance fuels the power of these losers with weapons. I applaud the courageous acts of the Iranian people; our brothers and sisters who have had enough of tyranny. A perfect example of what I am talking about… many innocent slaughtered as the world watched; all too quietly I might add…

Of course if all humans radiated profound love and lived a life honoring the golden rule all would be copacetic. As far as I know, all major world religions embrace the golden rule. In the interest of offering an insight into your future this is precisely where humanity is going.

Those dark forces who continue to control humanity with fear, greed, and weapons will soon be extinct. Those that wait in the shadows for the One on the white horse should be able to hear Him coming. Put your ear to the ground...

A Spirit Whispers…

“The era of might is right is over. Killing in the name of a particular religion will cease. The

power of God within you will rise up and chase evil from the boundaries of Eden, our earth.”

Along came a black man…

Dwight David Eisenhower, better known as Ike was the supreme commander of the allied forces in Europe during WWII. Shortly thereafter he became the supreme commander of the American people as president elect on January 20, 1953. Having a five star general running the country at this time was settling for most given his success as a commander. Ike was a likeable chap whose supporters handed out the “I like Ike” buttons. Tricky Dick was his vice president and that’s all I will say about Richard Nixon except that I voted for him in the next presidential election---sorry. PROTESTants were up in arms about this catholic guy named John F.

Kennedy. Never before has a catholic man been a U.S. president not to mention the youngest elected president at age 43. I think he remains the only president that was catholic, but then again no protestant has been pope either; go figure. The election was extremely close and I think Nixon’s sweaty brow and that “criminal look” (a foretaste of things to come?) on the televised debates yielded the edge to JFK. He was a man for humanity and we were blessed to have him in our midst.

So then, in keeping with our theme of firsts, a black man runs for president and wins. Barak Obama became the nation’s first African American president on January 20, 2009. Just for the record, I knew he was going to win. You will remember that I mentioned the spirit knows

no gender; it also has no color bias or preference. Barak could have been purple and he still would have won. Some may think that his colorful oratory, wisdom, youthful looks and a wife that screams FIRST LADY had anything to do with it. Of course they would be right, but there is another deeper spiritual reason: President Obama was destined to become the world leader in order that respect for humanity would be reintroduced to a world that has allowed a few to betray the many. His position now is somewhere between a “shit-storm and a wall”; the wall being the traditional corrupt politicians in Washington and the stormy relations cultivated in the last ten years with the rest of the world. If this wasn’t enough for the poor guy, every day is judgment day, nervous people clamoring for results and politicians anxious to discredit him. Look closely and you will find that his calm demeanor glows with the light of love and respect for others. Just because I died five years ago does not mean I do not know a good man when I see him, as a matter of fact I am better positioned to do so. The secret service also is being assisted by another secret service called spiritual guidance; Angels that serve and protect. Some reading this may chuckle but you and I know this to be true.

A Spirit Whispers…

“What would you have him do my Father? There are nations with deadly force threatening

humanity and governments who deceive their people, removing prosperity, fear mongering

diseases, and perpetuating lies to differ attention from the real criminals who is them.” “He

is here; our brother who had millions appoint him my son, and he knows what to do---He is to WALK AMOUNG THEM.”

Frankly I was a capitalist leaning a bit to the right but not to the point of being off balance mind you. President Obama is a lefty liberal in some ways with a Robin Hood like focus. I was never wealthy but taking handouts as an able-bodied person I think is morally reprehensible. Societies specializing in socialism if not careful could mistakenly instill an affliction among its people called laziness; the right to do less or nothing because the government supports them. It is so easy to collect more votes promising the people money for nothing. Those still willing to work hard wealthy or not, have the tax burden to allow this disease to grow, unless of course someone throws a “tea party”. Personally I didn’t drink tea but the cup is steaming and reading for the bag, metaphorically speaking. Even the zoo’s figured out this dilemma, just read the sign:


My take on the meaning of this sign is that by feeding the animals we somehow interfere with the natural order of things and take away the natural gifts they have for fending for themselves, even in this contained environment pretending to be their natural habitat. Are humans supposed to act differently when stripped of their ability to fend for themselves?


You have a city in this country that represents this extreme that has a food stamp population of about 30% and unemployment approaching that number with deteriorating properties, thousands of vacancies and a million people bolting from the city limits. Some excuse givers say it is a problematic situation caused by the fall of the American auto industry. Contributing factors are many but apathy and entitlement sustains this city of sorrow.

What does this have to do with President Obama? I was hoping you would ask this question as I did not want to further rant about gimmies for nada. He currently walks a very thin line, looking very presidential and trying to at least temporarily appease most people. Barak is bidding time, if you will in order that he may make the right decisions on behalf of humanity; this I believe soul deep. The mountain of complexities left at his doorstep would be daunting for most that fear animosities from those not pleased. In time this man will move the world where it needs to be, one hand shake at a time while smiling earnestly at all the faces that glance his way. I had mentioned earlier that I was a republican and a capitalist. Those who populated this viewpoint for a decade or more have made the right look wrong…how can that be? Although he cannot see me the man I am watching is now smiling at me. Thank you, Mr. President.

A Spirit Whispers…

“The spider is different from the puppet. He controls the string that supports him.”

Got religion…?

The quick response answer is no. Having been raised by fairly strict protestant parents a child can sometimes be adversely tainted by the coercion of belief. As is with everything in this life your belief system is 100% owned and operated by you. Those that tweak, who parent and teach you mistakenly believe that you are controllable. Near term and in a temporary and cosmetic sense this is true, but long term you are who you are by the choices you make. Relinquishing control to another is a huge mistake. My wife enabled our children to experience religion by mandating weekly Sunday school and I think my children are appreciative of that spiritual exposure. My childhood exposure to the God mandates were a bit extreme and it triggered a reclusive response from me. I stayed away from churches. Right or wrong, being distanced from a religion because of parental issues or societal reasons including mankind’s lunacy of war we often take cover in the shadows of our minds and blame God for our decisions to exclude him or those establishments that claim to be His house. Putting God on a shingle (sign) or on money does not necessarily make Him a part of it. Passing a plate inside the house with the God sign out front and looking for money with in God we trust on it.

Once again, I may be leading some of you down the path of misunderstanding (although I know you know). So here goes: All religions whose underlying premise is of a loving and forgiving God proclaiming the golden rule:

Christianity: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Buddhism: “Putting oneself in the place of another, one should not kill or cause another to kill.”

Confucianism: “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.”

Hinduism: “One should never do that to another which one regards as injurious to one’s own self. This, in brief, is the rule of dharma. Other behavior is due to selfish desires.”

Islam: “Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you.”

Judaism: That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn.”

After reading the golden rule foundation of all major religions on this earth how can anyone claim that there is a God difference among religions? Nearly seven billion souls occupying physical bodies of all brothers and sisters connected to each other and a loving God. There are no major differences between the religions that control sizable populations except for the fanatics that control those that are misguided. Can I have a loud hallelujah! Never mind, just blow God a kiss. I have only one more point to make on this subject. The issues of “hell fire and damnation” are fear control tactics deployed to keep the flock controlled and blindfolded. Hell is a “soul destination” created by man in the hopes of keeping you in the pew. I hope you are not counted as one of these sheep!

A Spirit Whispers…

“If you are in a pew and the person at the podium makes you feel unworthy or not loved, find

another seat in a place where you can hear God’s voice, for this voice is not from God.”

Now, that’s the Spirit…!

My daughter Denise is a spiritualist. To be honest when I was in the flesh my take in this arena was magic potions, broomsticks and cackling witches, sorcerers, demonic beings and anything supernatural. I mean, common now—speaking with the dead, healing the sick and having multiple lives? What happened to the simple formula of living your life, dying and then going to heaven or hell? This is easier to understand although the hell destination scares most people which you now know does not exist unless you create the conditions through your own thoughts. Now you’re wondering if old George is in hell, and your dying

to ask me, aren’t you. Since lying is a mortal attribute and now a lost skill for me I will be truthful, although fabricating a verbal portrait of a path from death’s door to a sinister place filled with demons would probably sell more books. Is it warm in here, or is it just me? Just kidding. Your answer is: I am comfortably surrounded by love and accompanied by family and friends that came before me. I would call this place Eden, much the same as earth and maybe it is; on a different dimension of course. Other dimensions exist and a veil of secrecy prevents most from a complete understanding. You can enable yourself to raise that veil to take a peek at what awaits you, and there are many good books and experts on the subject of spiritualism. I will suggest a few at the conclusion of this section. Your Eden can readily be seen by just paying attention to your surroundings. Creation contains beauty that blesses your eyes, and sounds that caress your ears, yet many fail to see and hear. Any blight that you might see is man-made or destroyed by those not in harmony with nor respecting our earth.

A Spirit Whispers…

“If an object distorts your view it is because you focus on the object and not the view. A bird

not heard or a flower not seen rob’s you from creations most precious gifts. A self-inflicted

denial of the gifts given to you by God”

A spiritualist is monotheistic, meaning one Higher Being, one I Am, or one God. The one God containing the many; all brothers & sisters connected to each other and to God. Please don’t hold me accountable but my view supports this notion. Now here comes the good part. Can someone in the human condition communicate with a departed one? Denise has this gift and we communicate almost daily. My son Rob who is writing this book for me was an avid disbeliever, so through Denise I was able to bring this truth into his life. Now I am sure you are wondering, how can this be? After all you have loved ones that are deceased and would love to know more about them, right? I suspect that your curiosity will be quenched by reading the listed books below; the first of which is written by Rich & Denise Tuminello---my daughter and son in law. I prefer this as opposed to giving you Denise’s telephone number as this would inundate her with many requests. Read the book then pursue personal contact.

Back to my son Rob, the disbeliever. His grief for my dying was profoundly deep and far too long, which you might as well know tears on our spiritual “heart strings” as well. The veil that shields him from my presence steals the joy from him knowing I am still with him 24/7. This veil can be lifted as you pursue an advanced knowledge of your higher self. Enjoy the books and the recommended course at the Monroe Institute. Listed below are a few clues I gave to Rob through Denise:

Rob & wife Diana are in the chocolate business, and after a very busy valentine’s day in

2,004 I made the following observation through Denise: “Too many cases of strawberries left in the refrigerator.” Denise was clueless to the meaning of this being 1,000 miles away, but advised rob on my comment. This first revelation had a powerful impact on my son. He now knew two things; first that I am with him and secondly his sister chats with me regularly.

The second observation I offered will be a bit more embarrassing for my son but here goes: Rob has a particular affection to being comfortable and sometimes wanders around the common area where he and Diana own three condos on the beach in Cozumel in his underwear. Now to be fair to Rob, he believes that colored boxers are similar to a bathing suit. You can respond by going to Cozumel and just start laughing at him—just don’t tell him I sent you! Anyway, I mentioned this to Denise and she called and told Rob that Dad says you are on the beach in your underwear! Caught with another powerful revelation…

Dad is still watching!

I can offer more examples given to Rob and other family members, but you get the idea…your loved ones are with you in spirit; always.

A Spirit whispers…

“Rejoice in your loved ones who through a physical death are now in spirit for they are now

home and closer to you than before. Listen, can you hear their whispers…?”

The right to bear arms…

The second amendment of the Constitution clearly gives all citizens the right to bear arms—known as guns—in order that we may protect ourselves from harm. God gave us this right before our founding fathers saw this as a necessity. Interestingly enough this was to include protection from infringement of the U.S. government itself. Judicial lunatics actually find this as an antiquated idea and not relevant in these

modern times of political correctness. I hope you now realize that this illusion places our people in greater danger, yourself included. Gun control only keeps those law abiding citizens from obtaining weapon protection. The criminals will get all the guns they need and I don’t think they care about breaking any laws by securing weapons illegally. So let’s ponder the logic of those political genius’s that somehow feel we are safer if all the good citizens are unarmed and the entire criminal population has an arsenal at their disposal. Brilliant. In addition to that dubious posture, you have the “repeat offender” issue that proves that our criminal justice system is seriously flawed. Please be assured, I am a compassionate man but never the less my guns gave me the security that some pundits wish to take away. I suggest that we send the criminals after those folks, although why bite the hands that feed them? Can criminals be classified as a special interest group? You would think so given the legal opportunities granted them. I am thankful for the NRA…

If we offer time reduced for good behavior in a cage and give an early release to dysfunctional humans why not release the dangerous animals from their cages in the zoos…how alike they seem to be. Better yet, release the criminals with GPS chips hidden in their body and restrict them only to living in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Arkansas. These fortunate citizens actually get to protect themselves… not good for the bad guys. In many states if a criminal has a gun he’s still a criminal; if you have a gun, you are also a criminal. Same classification…different intentions.

One final point is that our government has the best and most deadly weapons which in return for a “service commitment” they will place in your hands and send you on a “tour de jour”. Now you can legally defend yourself against the government decreed bad guy, and actually you can take an offensive posture against them as well. Killing our brothers and sisters who like you are the victims in the dangerous games governments like to play. On the bright side I have been privy to some “spiritual enlightenment” that indicates those who operate on the dark side will soon cease to exists as the “enlightened ones” will lovingly escort them out of Eden. Oh! By the way; those enlightened ones are you. Love is your weapon of choice; President Obama has already started the process…

A Spirit Whispers…

“All the sheep in Eden will gather together and the Sheppard will guide them to a new earth with profound beauty & love; and so it shall be, brothers and sisters connected together in love; you and me…”

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