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A House called Remember Me…

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

This old house has no voice, yet talked to me as of it knew me. Telepathy I think you call it; communicating without speaking. For the ease of penning this story, I will refer to THE HOUSE CALLED REMEMBER ME as HOME.

"Welcome HOME Hippie Bob; once I was empty and then there were two. One was Diana, the

the other was you."

It only took a second for me to realize a truth; that home is a memory meant to be savored & cherished. Not a structure per se but rather a collection of "stuff " and precious beings called children that define what home is for each of us.

Home, like nature, is ever-evolving, always changing. House at this very moment, called NOW is what it is; the future will alter it, and the past is gone. A non-retrievable physical presence that only memory can resurrect in non- visible imagery. Therefore going home in any time frame aside from NOW is an impossibility and sure to disappoint.

Marrying at a young age gave Diana and me all the tools we could afford: each other & dreams. Both free. The old saying of “Young and foolish” needs to be changed to “Young and no room for thoughts of No-Can-Do” You that knows hope. Aging gives the “pokers & Prodders” a chance to manipulate your dreams & desires. You know who they are and we all have them. Ignore them, even if I am one...

Our home first evolved with the birth of our first child we named Collette; French for noisemaker! Not kidding about the French origin of the name. Collette provided first-hand

Knowledge of how a colicky baby with a yet undiscovered hernia could produce a constant stream of noise with little pause. Thank God for grandma Cliffe’s help during those challenging days.

Second to our home came Tabitha an English and biblical name whose popularity exploded with the show Bewitched who’s the main character had a baby named Tabitha. The reason why we chose the ‘bewitching” name. If Collette was the noise maker, Tabitha was the trouble maker. Early on she was ‘different’ in a cute but sometimes annoying way. Making a lot of noise, not medically induced like Collette-- but to get her way. I have said for a long time that she is an indigo child. Perhaps she is a “ WAY-TO-GO” CHILD. Both girls are.

After a long pause between babies, about 13 years later came our long awaited son. Tabitha was a boy very briefly as the doctor proclaimed “It’s a boy--Oops!” Our newly arrived son was named Robbie; although a junior with my name I did not want to strap him with the ho-hum moniker of Bob. Rob had a different beginning having three mom’s and growing up in a chocolate store. Tough start, but he endured.

Now the Hunter Clan is complete; the five of us in a loving home full with the challenges that all families face. As I mentioned earlier, HOME is ever changing, evolving as kids grow and relationships change. If I were to continue this story, it would have to explore the departure of Collette, Tabitha & Rob, but for now, I would rather keep them contained in this HOUSE CALLED REMEMBER ME--OUR HOME.

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